Best Late Night Spot: The Ship & Anchor Pub

Captured by  Neil Zeller

Captured by Neil Zeller

If you’re thinking this name sounds familiar, you’re right. Not only has the Ship & Anchor Pub won Best Late-Night Spot in 2019, but they have also been awarded Best Neighbourhood Pub and Best Open Mic Night. The Ship is a well-known Calgary institution, welcoming patrons from near and far, very much a venue for every kind of person. It has good grub, affordable drinks and live music every weekend. Home to one of Calgary’s best and rowdiest patios, we can only imagine it will get busier and busier as the Calgary summer arrives.

Whether you’re music fanatic, you enjoy a good cold beer or you just like feeling welcomed as you are, the Ship is the place to be. Late nights here consist of countless pints and long conversations over the local band entertaining you for the evening. Plus, the pub is conveniently located on 17th Avenue, easy to bar hop, catch a cab or find some late night grub on your way home. Needless to day, it is a favourite amongst a wide-variety of Calgarians. The Ship and Anchor is your friendly neighbourhood pub - simple as that. Check out their website to view their menu and upcoming musical talent.