Best Juice Bar: Juice Because

Captured by  Neil Zeller

Captured by Neil Zeller

With so many delicious items like cold-pressed juices, handmade nut milks, juice cleanses, shots and a variety of snacks on the menu, Juice Because quickly become Calgary’s favourite juice bar. The company was built around the idea to educate people on how to take better care of their bodies. By choosing healthy foods to consume and making positive in your life, the company promotes not only their nutritious food but, ultimately, to make lifestyle changes so that you look and feel better.

If you’re unfamiliar with juicing or perhaps you’re used to the packaged juice found at the grocery store, Calgary’s best fresh juice is found right here. They have a multitude of delicious and nutritious drinks that can easily be added to your everyday eating habits. If you work a lot, get sick often, struggle with low-energy or suffer from the occasional hangover, the knowledgeable staff at Juice Because can educate you on what you may be missing in your diet and which drinks could help get you back on track. Once you try one, you’ll want to try them all! However, we have to warn you that as an overall wellness lifestyle brand aimed at making you feel and look your best, you may start to eat, live and breathe Juice Because after just one sip. View their menu online to choose your next order or shop their online products including apparel, tote bags and more.