Best Overall Restaurant: Ten Foot Henry

photo by Brendan Stephens

photo by Brendan Stephens

Ten Foot Henry

For the second year in a row, Ten Foot Henry brings home the Best Overall Restaurant award. Now this award is special, because it means that not only is the food delicious, but the staff are exceptional, the decor is on point and the prices are just right. If you haven’t been down here yet, make a call and get your fill now! If you have any group larger than two, we recommend making a reservation as this place is packed most nights.

Ten Foot Henry boasts a vegetable-anchored menu that will make both vegetarians and omnivores pleasantly surprised. The menu is full of unique vegetable combinations with savory sauces and fresh garnishes. It’s broken into three sections: Vegetables, Meats & Pasta. Most vegetables are a good appetizer size, perfect for tasting and sharing with a group. However, we dare you to try the roasted beets with feta, hazelnut dukkah, lemon vinegar and dill. For a more filling meal, we recommend the spaghetti pomodoro or the hanger steak with truffle mustard and gai choy. Unique, affordable and down right delicious.


1209 1 St SW, Calgary, AB

Tel. (403) 475-5537