Best Wine List: Vin Room


Vin Room

The Vin Room says it best: “Wines are as unique and individual as the people who enjoy them.” At this location, you can sample 100 wines by the ounce or by the glass to allow your tastebuds true exploration of different grape varieties. With educated & extraordinary staff always on hand, you are encouraged to taste with independence and an open-mind, trying new and exciting creations from around the globe.

The Vin Room is also a restaurant, with a full menu and non-alcoholic beverages available, welcoming people of all ages. With set three-course menus, the talented staff pair each course with a unique wine to complement the meal and bring out certain undertones. Each location offers slightly different meals and pairings so make sure to check the website before venturing out to your nearest Vin Room for a night to remember.


2310 4 St SW, Calgary, AB
Tel. (403) 457-5522

8561 8A Ave SW, Calgary, AB
Tel. (587) 353-8812

2016D Airport Rd NE, Calgary, AB
Tel. (587) 353-1594