Best New Restaurant: Calcutta Cricket Club


Calcutta Cricket Club

Too often we go to the same old restaurant and have the same old dish. Well now you can go try something new. Winner of Calgary’s Best New Restaurant, the Calcutta Cricket Club leaves us speechless. Pictures of their trendy interior and unique decor have been circulating Instagram for some time, so if you’ve never been, you may already feel as if you’ve sat at their trendy tables or gazed upon their eccentric bar.

Calcutta’s menu is packed full of the rich, well-seasoned foods of India. Try their famous kati rolls: tandoor grilled meats or paneer wrapped in a fresh, flaky paratha. Feeling a little hungrier? They have curries, kebabs, masala, you name it. If you’re asking us, you can’t go wrong with the Tandoor roasted fish and their famed rye, chai, thank you bhai cocktail. Drag the gang out to somewhere new this weekend, we promise you won’t be disappointed.


340 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB

Tel. (403) 719-1555