Best Photographer: Neil Zeller

untitled shoot-0410-2_1.jpg

Neil Zeller

This artist’s main goal in life is to capture the world one photograph at a time and show you the way he sees it. Meet Neil Zeller. Corporate, editorial, artistic photographer, this Calgarian has won the Best Photographer award for three consecutive years and he just keeps getting better. Neil captures moments in time – that stunning sunset or a rushing river – and translates it into a photograph to share with everyone. His commercial photography stretches far and wide over the Calgary scene from the Calgary Stampede and the Social Summit to rock concerts and golf tournaments.

Neil’s website is overflowing with images of nature, people, food, the sky and our very own city of Calgary. You may sit down to look at his photos for a minute and still find yourself there half an hour later, mesmerized by the beauty he finds in the world. Or perhaps you will feel inspired to pick up a camera yourself after scrolling through the photographs. Neil also offers workshops to those looking to learn more about their cameras, editing softwares and even explore the Yukon to shoot the stunning Northern lights. Check out his website so you too can learn from the absolute best in Calgary.

Runner Up One: Benjamin Laird

Runner Up Two: Aalia Khan