Best Author/Poet: Will Ferguson

photo by Edmonton Journal

photo by Edmonton Journal

Will Ferguson


"Happiness", "419", "Hitching Rides with Buddha", and "Road Trip Rwanda". These are just a few titles of the famed author Will Ferguson’s written work. Born in Fort Vermillion, Will travelled the world while he learned how to write. He travelled to Ecuador, South America, New York and Japan, learning new cultures, studying film and writing travel memoirs. He now lives in Calgary with his wife and their two sons.

If you are unfamiliar with Will’s work, all you need to do is visit his website to see the long list of awards that he has won and been nominated for. His writing style is simple yet elegant at the same time, creating a story that allows you to enter the mind of the character and see the world through their eyes. Will also wrote for the 2010 Winter Olympics Closing ceremonies, The New York Times, The Globe & Mail, and countless other established publishers. Simply put, Will Ferguson is a family man, an exceptional writer and a travel guru. We are so proud to award him the Best Author Award this 2018.

Runner Up One: Sheri-D Wilson

Runner Up Two: Kris Demeanor