Best Late Night Eats: Tubby Dog

photo by  Brendan Stephens

Tubby Dog

It’s 1 a.m. and you’ve got the munchies, where do you go? Well, Calgarians have said it before and they’re saying it again: hands down, Tubby Dog. Since 2005, this classic joint has been dominating the local late-night eats scene on 17th Avenue S.W., feeding all the party kids, late-night workers and hot dog fanatics. The venue is available for rent, so often it is reserved for birthday celebrations or staff parties. If you head down there before 1 a.m. on the weekend, you may even catch a small concert hosted in their cozy restaurant.

Whether you are a classic A-Bomb fan or more adventurous and go for the Sherm’s Ultimate Gripper, there is the perfect combination of meat and bun for everyone. Top your dog with Ketchup chips, sauerkraut, or Captain Crunch cereal to steer from the regular. If you’re heading there on a Tuesday, they serve their Tubby Tacos until late, and who can say no to tacos? They are open “really late” on the weekend, making it the perfect late-night eats destination.


1022 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB

Tel. (403) 244-0694