Best Budget Restaurant: Peter's Drive-In


Peter's Drive In

If you can believe it, Peter’s Drive in has been whippin’ up shakes and burgers for over 50 years in Calgary. Gus Pieters emigrated to Canada in 1954 from the Netherlands with a background in baking and mixed his first milkshake in 1964. Since that time, Peter's Drive-In has maintained Pieters initial dream – to consistently provide value by offering the best possible eats at affordable prices, regardless of how far the drive-through is backed up.

The menu at Peter’s is simple and detailed at the same time. With burgers, shakes, fries and onion rings available, there are then choices to make. Do you want a single, double, triple burger? Do you want an Oreo, strawberry, vanilla milkshake or a marshmallow, chocolate, blueberry shake? Do you go with the small or large fry? (And when they say large, they mean it!) If you’re looking for a sweet treat, they make a classic sundae, ample banana split or pints of ice cream to take home. Best budget restaurant in Calgary is right – Peter’s knows its strengths and sticks to them.

219 16 Ave NE, Calgary, AB

Tel. (403) 277-2747