Best Blogger: Crackmacs

photo by  Brendan Stephens


If you live in Calgary, you’ve probably heard the term Crackmacs. This was nickname given to the Mac’s convenience store located at the intersection of 7th Avenue & 8th Street S.W. It was called this by the locals due to the variety of strange – and often unseemly – events that always seemed to occur in and around this building late at night. Now it just so happens that two individuals moved into an apartment right beside this Mac’s and also noticed the strange things happening. As a way to document their experiences, they started a Twitter account to remember all the odd things that were said and occurring right below their balcony. Little did they know this joke social media account would become extremely popular.

Today Crackmacs Twitter account has 28,000 followers and counting. What started out as a simple joke turned into a growing Twitter personality that reported the facts to thousands of Calgarians always searching for the newest gossip. Online you will now find a Crackmacs Facebook page and Instagram account, furthering the reach of downtown Calgary news. Once the creators of Crackmacs realized their influence, they began sharing other important local news and use their platform as a minor local news provider. Check out their website to read their blogs, find good places to eat, search out local events and explore the city they describe so well.