Best Politician: Naheed Nenshi


Naheed Nenshi

Prior to being the Mayor of Calgary, Naheed Nenshi led a very successful life. He worked with McKinsey & Company, a business management consulting firm, which allowed him to start his own business later which helps local companies grow. He had a part in helping Old Navy, Banana Republic, and The Gap build a Canadian strategy as well as work with the United Nations to aid the world’s poorest. With countless awards, magazine mentions and nowhere to go but up, Naheed was living a pretty successful life.

He then became Calgary’s 36th Mayor in 2010 and the city hasn’t looked back since. He aims to keep taxes low, increase access to recreation, help grow the economy, and focus on areas of need such as poverty, addiction, housing and environment. Naheed makes himself available to the public and always has a large presence in the local community. He makes sure that Calgarians know he is accessible and he cares about their problems. For three years in a row, our city has voted him the Best Politician – keep doing what you’re doing Nenshi.

Runner Up One: Evan Wooley

Runner Up Two: Druh Farrell