Best T.V. Personality: Jordan Witzel

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Jordan Witzel



Our local meteorologist, Jordan Witzel brings over a decade of experience in weather forecasting. Something that has proved quite useful when given the challenge of predicting weather in the foothills of Alberta for the last five years. He was the man in given the job as forecasting consultant when The Revenant was being filmed in Southern Alberta; predicting exactly when the snow will fall to get the perfect DiCaprio shot comes with a lot of pressure. He’s also made a name for himself by dressing up for Halloween and doing his segment in a wacky costume. Last year he was Elliott from the movie E.T. and his pug Benson played the role of E.T.

When he’s not on our TV telling us we need to pack a winter jacket, shorts and an umbrella, he spends his time working with students and helping them learn science. He makes classroom visits to talk about the environment and tutors kids in math and science.  

222-23rd St. NE

Calgary, AB



Winning Categories:

2017, best t.v. personality, winner.

2017, sexiest calgarian, runner up one.

2016, best t.v. personality, winner.