Best Thai: White Elephant Thai


Hidden in a dodgy hotel in the middle of the North East is an experience not to be missed. You might be wondering why you keep heading to this shady location with its dark exterior but your nose knows it is leading you in the right direction. As you arrive you instantly breathe a sigh of relief. Inside this building is a cute space that comes alive with colour and Southeast Asia décor. White Elephant opens at 5pm and closes at 8pm but you will be waiting for a table if you do not get here by 5pm. It’s worth the wait though, the flavours of this cuisine are the closest thing to Thailand in this city. The portions are huge and the prices are low for the amazing quality that is served. My recommendations are the Thai Iced Tea, a curry and Green Papaya Salad. This is by far the ultimate authentic Thai food exploration in Calgary.

1808 19th Street N.E. Calgary, AB

Tel: (403) 457-1172


Winning Categories:

2017, best thai, winner.

2016, best thai, runner up one.