Best Vegetarian: The Coup


Every single time you go to The Coup, you’re going to eat an amazing meal. Full stop, that’s it, we’re done here, goodnight. Not only do owner Dalia Kohen and partner Ian Armitage source all their ingredients to the highest organic, local and made-from-scratch standards, The Coup uses exclusively recyclable products, plants 36 trees a month to off-set their waste, and gives a percentage of their earnings back to the community. Oh, right, and the food is out-of-this-world delicious. If you can’t decide, have the “beach-front hot pot,” or the “upstream burger.”  Or just literally one of everything because all your dollars are going toward good causes. Last but not least: try the cocktails. No –  for real. DO IT.

924 17th Avenue S.W. Calgary, AB

Tel: (403) 541-1041


Winning Categories:

2017, best vegetarian, winner.

2016, best gluten free, winner.

2016, best vegetarian, winner.