5 Places to Buy Your Plants This Spring

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Written by: Kelsey Woods


Whether you’re starting your garden indoors or outdoors this spring season, it’s time to start planning! Flowers, vegetables, herbs, shrubs - put on your thinking cap and decide what your yard needs this year.

With the official closing of Sunnyside Greenhouses last year in the northwest, many Calgarians will be wondering where to get their plants this year. Whether you’re starting from seeds, you’re looking for new planters or you’re in the market for some seedlings to get a jump start on the garden season, there are local greenhouses galore just waiting to help you get started. If you’re wondering where to get the best plants in Calgary, check out these local spots.

Golden Acre Home & Garden


Serving Calgarians since 1967, Golden Acre is located just off of McKnight Boulevard and Edmonton Trail in the northeast quadrant. From fertilizers and seeds to hardware and pottery, Golden Acre has a wide selection of everything related to indoor and outdoor gardening. Visit their location to browse tropical plants, large trees, soil additives, beautiful planters and seeds as far as the eye can see. Visit their website above for a full list of what they offer, information on gardening and tips on how to make your plants grow faster and healthier this year.

Green Gate Garden Centres

Green Gate is found just south of Canyon Meadows, right on the cusp of Fish Creek Park. With indoor gardening starter kits and perennials arriving right now, Green Gate is your go-to place for all things gardening. Trees, shrubs, edible plants, annuals - anything and everything you need this spring can be found at this centre. If you’re interested in growing tomatoes or growing anything inside of a container, Green Gate hosts events to help educate the public on gardening tips, tricks and practices. Visit their website to sign up and read up on their extensive gardening knowledge.



Gardening may have not been trendy until Plant entered Inglewood. With succulents, terrariums, trendy totes and gardening tools, Plant makes everyone want to be a green thumb. Whether you want to dress up your living room or you need a few filler plants for your outdoor beds, check out this trendy shop for all your plant needs. If you’re interested in making your very own terrarium, Plant regularly hosts do-it-yourself events, walking you through the process step-by-step with all the necessary materials provided. Sign up using on their website above!

Blue Grass Nursery & Garden Centre

Winter can be hard on our poor yards, so if you’re looking to re-sod your lawn or do some landscaping to spice things up this year, Blue Grass should be your top pick. They harvest their own sod and will deliver it right to you, minimizing the time and effort you need to put into the project. Whether you’re interested in their greenhouse, landscaping or gardening club, Blue Grass contracts to small and large companies in and around Calgary. For expert advice readily available, contact Blue Grass or visit their Balzac location for all your home gardening and landscaping needs.

Country Gardens & Nursery

Serving Calgary since 1995, you’ll find Country Gardens located in the foothills west of Calgary in the community of Springbank. From custom planters and beautiful arrangements to garden decor and a multitude of pots, Country Gardens is your local gardening centre who truly cares about their plants. Did you know that 90 per cent of their living products are grown in their nursery from seed, cutting or bare root? You’ll know exactly how these plants were raised from start to finish before plopping them into your soil. Visit them to see which plants would look best in your garden this year.


Happy gardening, Calgary!

Kelsey Woods is the Content & Editorial Manager for Best of Calgary.

Kelsey Woods