Meet Your New Go-To Guide: The Best of Everything Calgary


Written by: Kelsey Woods

Have you ever wondered where to find the best ramen or who offers the best spin class? Or how about where the best educational institution is found in the city? Well we will have the answers to these questions and so many more in just a few short weeks. If you haven’t heard of the Best of Calgary (BOC), here’s the scoop.

BOC is like your cool aunt or best friend, with a finger on the pulse of where to go and what’s happening in Calgary right now. It was started in 2016 by a group of people who believe in celebrating and encouraging our fellow Calgarians. Sure our city has gone through some rough patches, but we always manage to pull together and support one another as neighbours, co-workers, friends. Always positive and authentic, BOC is an advocate for the growth of our city and its citizens. We aim to celebrate the people, places and things that make Calgary successful in a meaningful and genuine way.

The Best of Calgary features 100 categories in the annual “Best of...” survey, including restaurants, people, events, brands and small businesses that are active in our community. Over the past month, Calgarians have nominated local contenders to be in the running for the best in the city. We have now collected the finalists from 100 categories, with four finalists in each category. The public vote will be launched on January 24th and voting will be open for 30 days. Missed your chance to nominate someone you think is worthy of an award? There is also an ‘Other’ category open for your nominations; if you missed our pre-voting submissions, you can still nominate a gem to compete in this category.

These awards are important to our city as we are celebrating all the components that make Calgary such a great place to call home. BOC’s intent is not only to celebrate Calgary by recognizing the businesses and people who make a positive impact but also to connect people with cool things happening in our city and work with our local partners to create events that help activate the Best of Calgary. BOC combines connection and conversation, bringing to light what the city needs to design a bright future. We ask bold questions to the people of Calgary, initializing conversation that is a catalyst for change. We are a conduit to a better city.

BOC is for the intellects, artists, athletes, creatives and culture vultures who call this city home. It is for anyone and everyone that loves Calgary for all its greatness and all that it stands for. This is the meaning of doing things the Calgary way.


Kelsey Woods is a Content Writer for Best of Calgary

Kelsey Woods