How to Stay Active During Calgary Winter


Written by: Kelsey Woods

Happy January Calgary! In 2018 we’ve already seen it all – snow, sun, slush. Even though the weather has warmed up, us true Albertans know in our hearts that winter is far from over. We also know that it can be hard to motivate yourself to stay active when its below zero outside. Everyone has seen those runners outside when it’s -20 degrees, decked out in running pants, ear muffs and some kind of streamlined toque. But, we are not all that dedicated in the dreary winter months. Here are some fun ways to stay active this winter, whether you feel like being outdoors in the snow or safely inside a workout studio.

Activities at C.O.P.

We thank the 1988 Winter Olympics for bringing us Canada Olympic Park and all its glory. WinSport now serves as a year-round recreational playground where people of all ages go to participate in a variety of mountain-based activities. Whether you want to ski, snowboard or skate, they have rentals available for you to try out any winter sport that you desire. Winsport is also the home of Western Canada’s largest winter tube park. Race down the mountain on freshly groomed tracks on a single tube, or link arms with your friends’ tubes to gain more speed. But perhaps you’re feeling a little bit riskier. For all you daredevils out there, bobsledding is a popular pastime at COP. Reminisce the days of watching Cool Runnings as a kid and speed down the mountain at neck-breaking speeds.

Trampoline Parks

Now yes there are walking paths in Calgary that you can easily exercise on and go for a stroll, but sometimes you just need to blow off some steam. Trampoline parks are the newest workout trend in YYC. Hit one of these parks to enjoy a hearty leg work out playing trampoline basketball, trampoline dodgeball, launching yourself into a foam pit, or simply freestyling across dozens of trampolines. All ages are welcome at these parks, however maybe you’re thinking this seems a little too 'kiddie' for you. Well InjaNation is sure to challenge your fitness level. Not only do they have a substantial trampoline park, but they also have a climbing centre, a military course and several ninja warrior courses. Now THAT is no kiddie workout.

Flying Squirrel
Extreme Air Park
InjaNation Fun & Fitness – for something a little more extreme!

Places to Skate

Skating is the sport that everyone wants to do in the winter but no one really seems to be that good at, unless you’re the one hockey player in the group. But what’s more fun than slipping around on the ice with your friends on a clear winter night? Well maybe hitting the pub after, that might hurt a bit less. Even so, skating is a winter-must and a good way to stretch those legs after a long day at the office. Visit some of these rinks below to test out your balance this year. 

Olympic Plaza
Markin MacPhail Centre at COP
Olympic Oval

Check out other Outdoor Rinks that are maintained by the city.

Spin Class

Calling all you bike lovers out there – biking doesn’t have to stop just because there’s snow on the ground. And spin class is basically a party on stationary wheels with flashing lights and upbeat music, except that you sweat. A lot. Head to any of these studios below for a high-energy, high-intensity workout where you will be asked to sit, stand, dip and hover-r-r-r-r-r.

YYC Cycle
The Sweat Lab
Stax Cycle Club
One Cycle

Hot Yoga

What better way to escape winter than in a 30-degree hot yoga studio? Hot yoga comes in many shapes, sizes and temperatures. Rumor has it that Crowfoot Hot Yoga might be one of the hottest studios in the city. Whether you want to work your core, legs or overall strength, yoga studios have a variety of classes that will help you tone up any target area. Hit up one of these classes to not only increase your strength and flexibility but also to pretend that you are in balmy Mexico for 60-75 glorious minutes.

Crowfoot Hot Yoga
Bikram Yoga
Hot Yoga on 17th

Kelsey Woods is a Content Writer for Best of Calgary

Kelsey Woods