Best Twitter Personality: Crackmacs

photo by  Brendan Stephens

If you think this name sounds familiar, you’re right. Not only did Crackmacs win Best Twitter Personality of 2019, but they are also bringing home Best Influencer and Best Blogger. Winning this category and other Best of Calgary awards for multiple years, Crackmacs is an acclaimed Calgary Twitter account with more than 30,000 followers and is a go-to for many residents seeking a view into downtown Calgary living. Filled with pictures, videos and everyday tweets, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an account as active in downtown Calgary commentary as this. Their Twitter account, @crackmacs, is a great place to see what makes Calgary unique. For those wondering what Crackmacs is, here’s the scoop.

The origin of Crackmacs can be traced back a decade. The term ‘Crack Macs’ is a reference to the former 24/7 Mac’s Convenience store that was located at the corner of 7th Avenue and 8th Street SW. During the summer of 2009, the creators of the @crackmacs Twitter account moved in beside this convenience store. After witnessing bizarre experiences day after day, they started this account to share things they would see or hear in the area. This created a digital journal of all the oddities that accompany living in downtown Calgary. Today, Crackmacs has become the largest Twitter account in Calgary not tied to a company or corporation and has expanded to Facebook and Instagram. Check out their latest dirt here.