Best Blogger: Crackmacs

photo by  Brendan Stephens

If you think this name sounds familiar, you’re right. Not only did Crackmacs win Best Blogger of 2019, but they are also bringing home Best Twitter Personality and Best Influencer. Posting regularly across three social media platforms and on their blog, Crackmacs has become one of the largest non-corporate Calgary-based social influencers. Back in August 2009, the founders of the Crackmacs Twitter account moved into an apartment near the old Mac’s Convenience Store downtown. After hearing, observing and closely witnessing some peculiar happenings in the area, they decided it was time to share these oddities with the world. Since then, they have accumulated thousands of followers and millions of views from users hoping to catch a glimpse into downtown Calgary living.

Visit their social accounts to browse texts, pictures and videos with everything from colourful people and trendy restaurants to strange happenings and things that will make you stop and say ‘huh.’ However, check out the Crackmacs website to read their city-famous blog, where you will find write-ups on tourism, cannabis, events, food and endless reading materials. Whether you have five minutes or five hours, there’s always something educational and humorous on their site. For anyone seeking insight into daily life in downtown Calgary from a unique viewpoint, visit the Crackmacs blogs.