Best Influencer: Crackmacs

photo by  Brendan Stephens

If you think this name sounds familiar, you’re right. Not only did Crackmacs win Best Influencer of 2019, but they are also bringing home Best Twitter Personality and Best Blogger. As one of Western Canada’s largest cities, Calgary is home to many up-and-coming influencers, including the ever-so-popular Crackmacs. Found on multiple social media platforms, following Crackmacs’ accounts will allow you a glimpse into downtown Calgary living. You’ll find everything from colourful people and happy hour deals to strange happenings and bizarre combinations.

Crackmacs first started their Twitter account in August 2009 when peculiar events kept happening around their new apartment in the heart of downtown close to the old Mac’s Convenience Store. Since then, they have accumulated thousands of followers and millions of views from users, making them one of the largest non-corporate Calgary-based social media accounts. For anyone seeking insight into daily life in downtown Calgary combined with a unique sense of humour through texts, pictures and videos, Crackmacs is an automatic follow. Covering Calgary news and events that you’re not going to find in the Calgary Herald or talked about on Global News, check out Crackmacs onFacebook,Instagram orTwitter – we guarantee you won’t be disappointed.