Best Dressed: Todd Hirsch

Captured by  Neil Zeller

Captured by Neil Zeller

Todd Hirsch is an experienced economist, having worked for organizations such as the Canadian Pacific Railway, the Canada West Foundation and the Bank of Canada. Currently serving as Chief Economist of ATB Financial, he is easily one of the most fashionable, stylish dressers in the Calgary business world. Although 20 years of financial analysis and crunching numbers may not scream ‘fashionable,’ Todd certainly seems to know his stuff when it comes to personal presentation.

Never one to shy away from bright colours or patterns, the former University of Calgary economics professor seemingly always dressed to the nines. Todd knows how to keep eyes on him, whether he’s appearing on stage, on-screen or in front of a group of people. Over the years, we’ve seen him move from dark, solid colours to more eccentric pieces which is no doubt what’s put him on the radar of some of Calgary’s fashion elite; that’s definitely one way to spruce up an economic presentation and keep your audience engaged. For more information on Todd’s non-fashion related work, you can pick up his most recently book Spiders in Space: Successfully Adapting to Unwanted Change (2017) or visit his website.