Best Historical Building: The King Eddy (Studio Bell)

Captured by  Neil Zeller

Captured by Neil Zeller

The King Eddy, as it’s affectionately known, used to be the King Edward Hotel. Originally built in 1905, it was the second oldest hotel in Calgary and the longest operating bar/hotel prior to closing in 2004. As an agreement to save the building, the King Eddy was purchased by the National Music Centre (NMC) in 2008. In collaboration with the Calgary Municipal Land Corporation, the King Eddy was carefully restored in accordance with the original building plans. Bringing it back to its 1905 aesthetic with a decade between purchase date and when the restoration was finalized, the King Eddy was re-opened in July 2018 as a restaurant and live music venue, winning the Best Historic Building award for another year.

Inside the King Eddy you’ll find some very interesting relics alongside the restaurant and bar; the Rolling Stone Mobile Studio, CKUA Calgary, various NMC recording facilities and the National Music Centre offices are all found here. As a cornerstone in Calgary’s history, the King Edward Hotel lives on as a downtown hub for music, community and culture. To see who plays next at the King Eddy, browse their food menu or book the venue, visit their website here.