Best Board/Ski Shop: The Ski Cellar Snowboard

photo by  Brendan Stephens

The Ski Cellar Snowboard

The Ski Cellar Snowboard is an old soul here in Calgary. It was originally opened in 1946 by Al Compton, however not as we know it today. The old store focused on the hunting-and-fishing crowd, with the cellar only opening up to sell ski and snowboard equipment in the mid-1960s. By the end of the ‘60s, the store was booming so they reorganized and focused on selling predominantly winter mountain gear to Calgary’s ski fanatics and snowboarding rebels.

Today the Ski Cellar Snowboard has three locations in Calgary and employs over 100 staff during peak season, many of them having been with the store for over 15 years. Along with high-end equipment, top-of-the-line apparel, and having every single thing ski/snowboard, the wealth of knowledge that comes along with a long term staff like that is unbeatable. Next time you need a pair of gloves, a new set of skis or simply want to ask the staff which snowboard is best, the Ski Cellar Snowboard is your place to be.


1442 17 Ave SW

Tel. (403) 245-4311


11 Bowridge Dr NW

Tel. (403) 247-3320


5809 Macleod Trail SW #101

Tel. (403) 253-7788