Best Podcast: The Strategists

The Strategists

Meet the stars of Calgary’s Best Podcast: Stephen Carter and Corey Hogan. These two intellects discuss and dissect politics, campaigns and the party leaders over the air. Listeners from across the globe tune in to hear them debate over new tax rates, public policies, who is living up to their campaign promises and varying leadership styles.

But let’s not forget about the third and very important member of the team: Zain Velji. This talented individual keeps these two hooligans in line, by asking the questions and keeping them honest. These three educated men describe the Canadian political scene as they see it, and compare it with world news and events happening around us. Their show is not only educational and informative but fun and witty entertainment. And even though they haven’t recorded a new podcast in over a year, they still snag this year’s Best Podcast. Yes, it’s that good.

Runner Up One: The Confluence

Runner Up Two: Lloyd & JD