Best Local DJ: Small Town DJs


Small Town DJs

Artists: Pete Emes and Mike Grimes


Just a couple of guys who were up to no good started making trouble in your neighborhood. Introducing Smalltown DJs. These artists deliver a bass-heavy house music scene, inspired by a combination of Canada’s outdoor electronic music festivals. The boys play in local clubs and at outdoor shows such as the University of Calgary’s BSD and Mad Decent Block Party, as well as shows across the globe, like Fabric (London), U-Hall (DC) and Bestival (Toronto). Since Day 1, these talented individuals have delivered fast tracks admired by the masses, making them loved and appreciated by young local music lovers.


Head downtown Calgary to 10th Avenue and you will find the Hifi nightclub, owned and operated by our very own Smalltown DJs. Here you will find a multitude of DJs new to the game or from the roots of Calgary’s EDM scene, from drum and bass artists to house and jungle creators. They are always welcoming new talent to bring you fresh, funky beats to celebrate in style every single weekend.


Runner Up One: DJ CSIK

Runner Up Two: MollyFi