Best Place to Take Visitors: Calgary Tower


It’s the ultimate Calgary experience, not only are you visiting our city landmark, you get the best view of our city and the gorgeous mountains. Even though to you have to pay to go up the Tower, it’s absolutely worth the view you get when you’re at the top. The best way to enjoy the view is to book a reservation for at Sky365, the restaurant at the top of the tower. The floor rotates slowly as you eat so you’ll be able to gaze at the mountains and the rest of the city as you enjoy a lovely meal.

101 - 9th Avenue SW

Calgary, AB

(403) 266-7171


Winning Categories:

2017, best place to take visitors, winner.

2017, best view of the mountains, winner.

2016, best view of the mountains, runner up two.

2016, best building, runner up two.