5 Things You Need for this Long Weekend

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Written by: Kelsey Woods

Sip, sip, hurray - summer is finally here! We wait all year long for the July and August heat to hit Calgary so we can sit back, relax and soak it all in. It’s finally time for barbecues, camping trips, patio parties and music festivals - all that outdoor summery goodness. 

Here is our list of the top five things you need to enjoy any summer weekend coming your way:

1. A trusty pair of sunglasses. 

For all those summer adventures about to be had, find a pair of shades that flatter and protect. Aviator, butterfly, round or oversized - whatever your style, these are a necessity. 

2. Two-wheeled transportation.

Explore the city, the countryside, the mountains or Calgary’s incredible pathway system all by bicycle. Get your exercise in and save the planet at the same time - sounds like a good deal to us.


3. A bathing suit.

Calgary sure can be one of the most unpredictable cities when it comes to weather, but did you know that we actually get the most sun out of all Canadian cities? Whether you’re hitting the river, Sikome Lake, a community lake or your backyard, a bathing suit is key for you to enjoy the summer sun while it lasts. 

4. A good book.

No summer is complete without a good novel or two to keep you occupied while sitting on the grass, the beach, your lawn chair, wherever. Visit your local Chapters to find this summer’s hottest new read.

5. A light, crisp, refreshing beverage.

What better way to celebrate the season and enjoy these activities than with a refreshing drink in hand; however, not just any drink will do for your summer adventures. You need something light and cool, flavourful but easy on the headaches, refreshing but not too sugary. What if you could truly enjoy a two-ingredient beverage all whilst going about your outdoor activities? Introducing your new drink of the summer: Spritzd.


Conveniently packaged, low-cal and lightly effervescent, this new wine spritzer is made with simple ingredients to deliver a cool, refreshing taste even on the hottest of summer days. Tired of searching for a corkscrew each time you fancy a glass of pinot? No cork, no glass bottle, no problem. Spritzd offers the perfect serving size each time you crave a sip. With quick, easy access to that refreshing bubbly in seconds, there’s no more waiting for your favourite beverage.

Sourced from the beautiful, sunny California, this gluten-free beverage is perfect for any occasion. Whether you’re a rosé connoisseur or white wine extraordinaire, Spritzd has got you covered. Sip away on their crisp pinot grigio when you’re backyard picnicking with the family or celebrate any occasion with their dry, delectable Syrah rosé. Spritzd knows how to do wine right. 


Forget those calorie-rich, sweet drinks that seem to resurface every summer; Spritzd keeps it light and refreshing each and every time. Truly enjoy the flavour of your wisely-chosen beverage - we know, it’s a new concept. Don’t worry about what you’re going to drink this weekend; making your summer plans should be well-thought-out, deciding on your summer drink should be simple. Choose the option with the shortest ingredient list: wine, carbonated water. Done.


One sip of this cold blend and you’ll be right here with us on the wine spritzer train this summer. With the sophistication of wine and the lightheartedness of sparkling water, you’ll be ready to take on any task that comes your way with this slim, portable drink in hand.

Spritzd up any social gathering this summer with a cool one - your body will thank you later, YYC.

Kelsey Woods is the Content & Editorial Manager for Best of Calgary.

Kelsey Woods