Beautiful Calgary Parks You Must Visit

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Written by: Kelsey Woods

Get outside and enjoy the sunshine, Calgary - it’s finally here! Time to pull out those shorts, tank tops, flip flops and cool shades so that you can make the most of this Alberta summer. Whether you work from home or have a steady 9-5 job, there’s always plenty of time to hit the park and breathe in that fresh outdoor air. Grab a frisbee, your pup, a blanket or a book and spend a few hours in the sunshine however you do best. Here are five beautiful Calgary parks for you to visit this summer - whatever the activity!


1. Fish Creek Provincial Park

As the second largest urban park in Canada, Fish Creek Park is overflowing with activities. With Sikome Lake, educational programs and local events happening constantly, there’s never a dull moment in this park. Make sure to hit the visitor centre on your way in so they can tell you what’s happening around the park that day and if any areas are closed to do marathons, local events or construction.

2. Griffith Woods

160 Discovery Ridge Blvd SW

This gorgeous natural environment is a great spot to escape the city’s everyday hustle and bustle and listen to the wind blow through the trees as the water babbles along the Elbow River. There are plenty of paved pathways, benches, sporting fields and playgrounds for you to enjoy as you take in nature one breath at a time.

3. River Park

4500 14A St SW

Whether you love a good view or a cute dog, this place is great for both. River Park serves as an off-leash dog park but also looks over the Elbow River as well as provides an excellent view of the downtown area. Peering over the river, you will get a good look at Sandy Beach, perhaps seeing people play in the water, dogs run around and cute picnics on the riverside. As this area is currently being redeveloped, we can expect big things from River Park in the future.

4. Prince’s Island park

698 Eau Claire Ave SW

If you’ve ever attended Folk Fest, Canada Day celebrations or one of the countless festivals that the city holds on this property, you may have already seen this beautiful park. Home to countless trees, birds, water features and local art, Prince’s Island is known for its many pathways, allowing Calgarians to walk, run, bike, rollerblade, skateboard - you name it - along the downtown edge.

5. Pearce Estate Park

1440 17A St SE

If you’ve visited the Bow Habitat Visitor Centre or the Sam Livingston Fish Hatchery, then you have been in this park. Home to 15 hectares of reconstructed wetlands, this gorgeous park is located barely northeast of the city’s downtown and just off of the Bow River. Whether you want to picnic, hit the playground, explore the expanse of trails or visit the hatchery, there’s plenty to do when you come to Pearce Estate Park.

Make time for the great outdoors things spring and summer, Calgary. It’s good for the body, mind and the soul!

Kelsey Woods is the Content & Editorial Manager for Best of Calgary.

Kelsey Woods