Springtime Activities in Calgary

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Written by: Kelsey Woods


Happy first day of spring Calgary! Yes it’s been above zero for ten consecutive days now - we’re thrilled too! Springtime in Calgary means walks along the river pathway, late night ice cream runs, perhaps walking or biking to your destination rather than jumping in the car with the heat cranked. We are overjoyed to feel that warm sunshine on our face and catch a glimpse into the delightful spring we have to come.

With springtime ahead of us, soon come the outdoor events and activities we’ve been waiting for all winter long. Check out some of these spring-themed or outdoor activities to welcome the change in season.

Baby Animals & Easter at the Zoo


Head down to the Calgary Zoo this spring and see how many baby animals you can spot. Throughout the next few months, dozens of animals will have new young for you to ooh and ahh at as they care for their babies. Whether you’re a meerkat, lemur or penguin fan, there’s something here for everyone.

On April 19-20, the Calgary Zoo will be hosting Easter Eggstravaganza. This fun, family-friendly event will be filled with face-painting, crafts, treats and games galore for the kiddos as they learn to play, explore and create together. Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy the freshly planted flowers decorating the grounds, so mark your calendars!

Enjoy Beautiful Foliage - Indoors


Now we all know that it can’t be sunny ALL the time in Calgary, so on those rainy days, check out the stunning Devonian Gardens found downtown on the fourth floor of the CORE Shopping Centre. Lose yourself in one hectare of botanical gardens before, during or after work. The area includes 500 trees, 50 varieties of plants, a 900 square foot living wall, multiple fountains, fish ponds and a playground for the kids to climb and explore.

The gardens are open the same hours as the mall and entrance to the beautifully manicured area is completely free. Come to rest, relax, read or simply enjoy the natural oasis created indoors whenever suits your schedule - they’ll be waiting for you.

Explore the city by Lime Bike

denisse-leon-674978-unsplash (1).jpg

If you haven’t seen or heard of Lime bikes yet, here’s the scoop. There are hundreds of lime green electric bicycles scattered across the city, ready at the click of a button for anyone to use. All you need to do is download the Lime app, view the nearby bike map, scan your desired bike and ride until your heart’s content. Then when you’re finished with the bike, you can leave it wherever you like within the applicable zones following the drop-off Lime rules - it’s really that easy.

With cycling as simple as this available, you’ll be able to explore beautiful areas like Prince’s Island Park, the Bow River Pathway, Fish Creek Park, Nose Hill Park - the list goes on!

Spring is your time to get reacquainted with the outdoors. Go for a walk, plant a garden, book your next marathon - do whatever you can to get outside and enjoy that fresh, warm, springtime air. The sunshine is here to stay Calgary, now get out and enjoy it!

Kelsey Woods is the Content & Editorial Manager for Best of Calgary.

Kelsey Woods