The Peacock Boutique: Best Vintage & Consignment Store in 2018

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Written by: Kelsey Woods

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Whether you’re a clothing junkie, a bargain finder or a connoisseur of trendy brands, you’ve probably visited this cute shop. The Peacock Boutique originally started as a far off idea in Michelle Morigeau’s daydreams, as she grew up playing dress up with her grandparents’ old clothes and trinkets, utterly fascinated. As an adult, she followed these dreams to owning and running two successful locations in Calgary today - one in the heart of Kensington and the other found in the Beltline. With constant traffic day-in and day-out, the Peacock Boutique allows Calgarians to dress in style at a fraction cost, finding trendy new styles and pieces in someone else’s consigned treasures. In 2018, this boutique brought home not one, but two Best of Calgary awards: Best Vintage Store AND Best Consignment store. For all your vintage and consignment needs, you now know exactly where to go for high-end, second-hand, fashionable items.

Let’s meet the brain behind the operation!

Michelle Morigeau

Are you a born and raised Calgarian?

Yes I am!

What was your dream job growing up? How has this influenced who you are today?

Growing up, I always wanted to have my own store. Fulfilling this dream and now working for myself gives me a sense of satisfaction daily!

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 What is your favourite thing about Calgary?

I love the small town feel in combination with the big city life - there’s nothing else quite like it.

If you could describe Calgary in one word, what would it be?


What does being a Calgarian mean to you?

There is literally endless opportunity here in Calgary. I feel grateful that I am able to live here and that I can follow my dreams freely.

Do you have a favourite watering hole in Calgary?

The amazing Mexican food and drink at Native Tongues.

What is your favourite Calgary event/activity or thing to do?

 I like checking out the unique neighbourhoods in Calgary, like Inglewood, while brunching & thrifting with my hubby on Sundays!

Where is the best place to people watch in Calgary?

The Roastarie in Kensington.

If you were an emoji, what emoji would you be?

All my friends would say that I’m the ‘kissing emoji.’

Tell us about your business, what motivates you to do what you do every day?

The Peacock Boutique is a vibrant consignment store with a fantastic selection of cute clothing and accessories for women. My motivation comes from my staff who are the hardest working women in retail! Each day, we receive hundreds of items from consignors that keep us busy filling the shop as well as posting on our Instagram page so customers know what we have in stock. There is never a dull moment at the Peacock!

Anything special coming up we should know about?

I am motivated to keep growing and improving as a small local business here in Calgary. I am constantly striving to find more ways to expand and improve my customer’s experience. Big things are planned for 2019!  Stay tuned :)

Connect with Michelle and the Peacock Boutique on Instagram: @peacockboutique

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Kelsey Woods