Best Vegan/Vegetarian Restaurant: Ten Foot Henry

Captured by  Neil Zeller

Captured by Neil Zeller

The phrase ‘simply elegant’ describes not only the décor at Ten Foot Henry but the meals themselves, the clean presentation and the feeling you get when you walk in the door. With a vegetable-anchored menu, Ten Foot focuses on family style dining, encouraging your group to order a variety of dishes to sample and taste. The talented kitchen staff take simple, fresh ingredients and combine them with unique spices, bridging the gap between what you should be eating and what you want to eat.

With beautiful white décor accented with gold here and real plants there, the whole experience at Ten Foot Henry is beautifully sophisticated from start to finish. With exceptional customer service and exquisite presentation with each vegetables dish, there’s no doubt why they won this respective category. We suggest you call up your friends, family, significant others and start planning your dinner now. Try the marinated beets with avocado, citrus, toasted seeds and chipotle for something refreshing or perhaps the grilled asparagus with braised shiitake and miso butter. It’s easy to see how Ten Foot Henry won not only the Best Vegan/Vegetarian award in 2019, but also the Best Overall Restaurant. Learn the meaning behind Ten Foot Henry’s name and browse their gorgeous menu.