Best New Restaurant: Two Penny Chinese

Best of Calgary Winners 2019 NZ-1479.jpg

This trendy Victoria Park restaurant, located on 1st Street SW, is run by Chef Mharlon Atienza and General Manager Andrea Robinson and serves up quality cuisine in a beautiful setting. While Calgarians have come to love this place for its staple items that are inspired by the team's love for classic Chinese dishes, guests are always surprised and delighted by the rotating seasonal menu that is forever evolving with new flavours and techniques. It goes without saying, the food and attractive cocktail list at Two Penny are already Instagram-worthy, however the interior of the restaurant is also exceptional with design elements inspired by the Shanghai Art Deco movement.

We guarantee you won't make it our without adding at least one post to your feed. 

To truly experience Calgary's Best New Restaurant, we recommend going all out and trying as much as your stomach can handle with selections like the Kung Pao potatoes and signature Ginger Beef (a now iconic dish that was invented right here in Calgary). The crispy mushroom dumplings are also a must when dining at Two Penny, served piping hot with a savoury and satisfying filling. Conveniently situated in the heart of the bustling Beltline, there is plenty to see and do in the area: unique clothing shops, stylish cafes, and some incredible late night entertainment, including the Tea House –  Two Penny's cocktail bar found directly below the restaurant. For a peek at Two Penny's unique style and newest seasonal offerings visit the website