Best New Bar: Cold Garden Beverage Company

Captured by  Neil Zeller

Captured by Neil Zeller

Going out for a drink just got a whole lot more interesting. Imagine a brewery meets a bar meets a dog park meets the coolest place you have ever hung out: AKA Cold Garden. With flashy art, bedazzled creations hanging from the roof, countless mismatched sofas and pool noodles covering the hoses running to and from the large kegs, this is unlike any microbrewery you’ve ever been to. Located in the vibrant community of Inglewood, Cold Garden is lined-up out the door every weekend, so make sure to grab your spot on the sofa early.

Bring your dog to meet all the other neighbourhood pubs – whilst drinking your favourite beer. Try a handful of snacks while sampling feature beer flavours like birthday cake and saskatoon berry. Need something more substantial than snacks? You’re allowed to order food from anywhere that delivers and eat it in the brewery - yeah, they’re pretty cool like that. You think a place this hip and trendy would have outrageous prices, but Cold Garden employs exceptional staff who keep the brews flowing all day long at a reasonable rate. Visit their website to meet the three funky individuals who created this hangout spot.