Best Indian Restaurant: Calcutta Cricket Club

Captured by  Neil Zeller

Captured by Neil Zeller

A 1960’s Indian social club meets The Golden Girls: introducing Calcutta Cricket Club. This fun, lively Indian restaurant is located in the heart of downtown on the always busy 17th Avenue. Drawing inspirations from the cosmopolitan nature and cuisine of the West Bengal, you’ll find brightly coloured walls, trendy stools, authentic artwork and exceptional customer service from the second you walk in the door. This place is packed most nights so make sure to reserve your table ahead of time, or chance that there’s a table available if you decide last minute (they always save a few tables for walk-ins).

Named after the second oldest sports club in the world opened in 1792, Calcutta Cricket Club stays true to its roots in style and flavours. The quirky design and colourful décor set the scene when you walk in, while the sights and smells making your tummy rumble. From lamb ribs and ghugni dip to paneer and beef kosha, your eyes may be bigger than you stomach at this joint because you’re going to want to try it all. We recommend ordering the pork butter masala and cauliflower, but take a peek for yourself.