Best Actor/Actress: Andrew Phung

Captured by  Neil Zeller

Captured by Neil Zeller


Known Canada-wide for his portrayal of Kimchee on CBC’s hit TV series Kim’s Convenience, many don’t know that Andrew Phung was actually born and raised in Calgary. A graduate of the University of Calgary and a Loose Moose Theatre Company alumnus, Andrew has been a key player in Canada’s improv scene throughout the last decade as a co-creator of shows like Past Your Bedtime, Northeast: The Show and Kill Hard. If you think his name looks familiar, you’re right! Andrew has won both the Best Comedian and Best Actor in Calgary award several times, as well as two Canadian Screen Awards for Best Supporting Actor in a Featured Supporting Role/Guest Role in a Comedic Series for his role in Kim’s Convenience.

As Andrew Phung’s fame grows on an international scale, he’s still actively involved in the Calgary comedy scene. He continues to stoke his passion for live improv and works as an instructor with the Loose Moose Theatre Company. He maintains a keen interest in Youth Central, a non-profit helping youths get involved in their local community. For those looking to catch Andrew on-screen, he can still be seen on Kim’s Convenience as well as the Comedy Network’s The Beaverton. Andrew recently saw his first major film release with 2018’s romantic comedy Little Italy - so check it out!