Best Visual Artist: Mandy Stobo

Mandy Stobo

Beautifully talented Mandy Stobo described in three words: bold, energetic & humble. Within minutes of meeting her, you can tell she’s an all-or-nothing kind of gal – with a wicked sense of humour to boot. Her style of work is a perfect reflection of the way she lives her life: carefree and playful. And this might just be why she’s been named the Best Visual Artist in Calgary for the third straight year.

Looking for a new gift idea? Stobo is famous for her "Bad Portraits" – you send in a photograph of yourself or someone else and she will paint a new one for you, with her own special little alterations. Stobo is one for experimentation, rolling with the punches, and not taking herself all that seriously. Check out her new or old mixed media pieces for a peek on the wild side of Calgary visual art.

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