Best Vietnamese: Pho Huong Noodle House


Pho Huong Noodle House

Did you know that second only to Vancouver, Calgary has the most Vietnamese restaurants per capita in the country? That’s a lot of restaurants to choose from. With so many to choose from, Calgary still declares Pho Huong Noodle House as their favourite spot to get their Vietnamese fix. Pho Huong’s two locations, conveniently located in the north and south, make it easy for you to order your favourite dish or dine in any night of the week.

 Their menu is packed full with classic dishes like pho sate and deep fried spring rolls. Pho Huong’s atmosphere and staff are always warm and welcoming, even when the restaurant gets crowded and lined up out the door with people anxious for a bowl of wonton soup. The traditional Vietnamese décor adds to the authenticity of the restaurant and compliments the freshly made dishes. It has quickly become one of YYC’s go-to spots for Vietnamese cuisine.


3855 17 Ave SW, Calgary, AB

Tel. (403) 686-3799

1829 Ranchlands Blvd NW, Calgary, AB

Tel. (403) 239-3388