Best Video Channel: Global Calgary

Global Calgary

When you turn on the tube, what’s your go-to channel? Well, for the majority of Calgarians it's Global Calgary. From Breakfast television and the 6:00 News to "NCIS" and "Big Brother", Global consistently brings a wide variety of television options to the viewing table. Drama, action, reality or news – whatever you need, Global has it.


With 11 television stations across the country, 27 million Canadians tune into Global Television each week for their dose of news, current events and entertainment. As a whole, Global Television reaches almost 100% of Canadians, encouraging citizens to stay informed and up-to-date with current events. If you don’t already, tune into Global next time you turn on the tube for an impressive selection of day/night/whenever time television.


222 – 23rd Street NE, Calgary AB

Tel. (403) 235-7777