Best Kitchenware Store: Knifewear

photo by  Brendan Stephens


Everyone hates a dull knife, especially when it can’t even cut through a tomato. Knifewear to the rescue! This kitchen store has every type of Japanese knife that you can think of. You’ve probably heard the term ‘Chef’s knife’ or ‘Carving knife’, but here at Knifewear you can learn the real Japanese names for every type of kitchen knife around. However, don’t stop just at knives. Knifewear sells knife accessories, sharpening stones, kitchenware, and other chef tools.

Besides winning the Best Kitchenware Store in Calgary, Knifewear also supports the local community. They believe that a company who makes money in a community should also give back to that community and be as environmentally and economically responsible as possible. They have supported the Red Cross for numerous fire relief programs, Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids, the Centre for Autism, Farmworks, the list goes on. So when you buy a knife at Knifewear, you are not only receiving a high-end kitchen utensil, but also supporting the local community and causes that affect our very city.  

1316 9 Ave SE

Tel. (403) 514-0577