Best Place to Find Cool Jewelry: Market Collective


Market Collective

What started as a movement to give art and culture a voice in Calgary quickly became a staple in the local creative community. Initial inklings for Market Collective started back in 2008 when the two founders saw the need for a creative outlet and voila, 10 years later it has grown into a platform that hosts nearly a dozen events each year promoting local arts and culture. Their markets now happen every few months in a variety of locations, so you can head down and find dozens of your favorite artists all under one roof.

Market Collective brings together the best of the best local vendors who are coming up with new ideas and designs faster than we can buy them. It’s not a question of if, but when you will find a piece of jewelry that you need to add to your ever-growing collection. Calgary has chosen Market Collective to be the absolute Best Place to Find Cool Jewelry in the city for three years in a row so get your wallet ready.

Various Locations

First Runner Up: Rubaiyat.

Second Runner Up: Cinder & Sage.