Best Interior Design Firm: DIRTT



Founded in 2005, DIRTT has only moved up in the world. A lot of people don’t know that DIRTT is an acronym: Doing It Right This Time. While DIRTT was recognized as an interior design firm – it’s actually not one at all. DIRTT is a building process powered by technology. They work with clients and designers to build interior spaces that defy convention, maximize flexibility, and minimize impact on the environment. Sounds pretty good right?

Well, this technology-driven firm has their headquarters right here in Calgary and employ people from all corners of the city. They have had countless projects where a company comes to them and says, ‘This is the last time we are doing this, we want to do it right.’ That’s where DIRTT comes in. They’ve provided technological, innovative solutions for the residential, commercial, education, and healthcare sectors, and they do it well. Whether you’re looking to redesign, start fresh or simply throw around some ideas, contacting this company would be a step in the ‘doing it right’ direction.


7303 30th St SE

Tel. (403) 723-5000