Best Ice Cream/Gelato: Village Ice Cream

photo by  Brendan Stephens

Village Ice Cream

Rain or shine, summer or winter, Village Ice Cream has people lining up out the door just to get a taste of their delicious creations. Us Calgarians know a good thing when we taste it. Village remembers what it was like to walk down the hot road and get ice cream as a kid. They harnessed that childhood nostalgia and now make ice cream for those same kids, but all grown up. Going for ice cream at Village is sophisticated and trendy, with scrumptious flavors unique to their growing brand. Earl Grey, Cardamom, Cereal Milk – a new take on an old classic.


Village has perfected handmade ice cream with tried-and-true flavors available year ‘round and continue to concoct exceptional new flavors for you to try each visit. Not ready to commit to just one flavor? Village will let you sample a number of flavors until you know you’re getting exactly what you want. But be prepared to order a double, or even a triple, because we guarantee you won’t be able to pick just one. Visit any of their three locations - it’s worth standing in line for.

2406 34 Ave SW, Calgary, AB
Tel. (403) 454-5862

820 49 Ave SW, Calgary, AB
Tel. (403) 457-9808

431 10 Ave SE, Calgary, AB
Tel. (403) 261-7950