Best Greek: Spiros on 17th


Spiros on 17th

If you haven’t been to Spiros, schedule your next lunch meeting at this classic Greek restaurant. Spiros opened its doors in Calgary in 1969 in the same location that it sits today - busy, bustling 17th Avenue. S.W.. This family owned and operated business takes pride in its food and provides exceptional service in the restaurant, on delivery, or during catered events. If practice makes perfect as they say, Spiros is as close to perfection as humanly possible when it comes to creating Greek masterpieces.

As you’re working your way down Spiro’s menu, we’d like to provide some suggestions. Try Annah’s island pizza and their house-made tiropitas for the true Greek experience. Or come for dinner and taste their lamb kleftiko and chicken parmigiana to feel as if you are dining in Athens. But make sure you don’t fill up, because their dessert is to die for. The baklava is a must - phyllo pastry layered with walnuts, almonds and cinnamon drenched in honey syrup. We know, our stomachs are grumbling too.


1902 33 St SW. Calgary, AB