Best Contemporary Furniture Store: Revolve Furnishings


Revolve Furnishings

We all know that home shopping can be difficult; finding that right shade of brown or the perfect sized leather couch. However, Revolve Furnishings makes browsing easy with their user-friendly website and large showrooms to peruse their items at your own leisure. They pride themselves in providing a variety of modern, unique furniture from around the globe that will make you stop and ponder. This isn’t your run-of-the-mill furniture store with the same couch as the next five stores. At Revolve, they are redefining modern.

Wake up Saturday morning, check out the Revolve website for ideas, and then hit the big beautiful showroom for the real thing. Kick back and relax on that couch before making the big decision; what better way to spend the weekend than trying out 10 different couches. No matter what room you are furnishing, Revolve has affordable, funky pieces in store that will evoke that unique, awe-inspiring look you’re going for. See for yourself why Calgary voted them the best Contemporary Furniture Store in the city.


7070 11 St SE

Tel. (403) 255-8372