Best Free Event: Beakerhead



For years people have been directed towards technical OR creative work, until now - Introducing Beakerhead. Months of preparation come together in a five-day citywide event with more than 60 installations and artworks that are wonderfully and bizarrely engineered. Indoor and outdoor, small and large, interactive and fun, these events strive to educate and entertain the child and the adult, as they immerse themselves in science and aesthetics.


Interested in collaborating, volunteering, donating or sponsoring? Beakerhead is a registered charity that welcomes anyone and everyone who wishes to participate in any capacity. Whether you’ve seen the large tentacles in Inglewood or the inflatable bunnies downtown, there is always room for more creativity and even riskier science in this favorite event. This year’s upcoming Beayerhead dates are September 19-23, 2018. Start creating and get involved!


1111 10 St SW #101, Calgary AB

Tel. (587) 351-7787