Best Civic Agitator: Calgary Raging Grannies

calgary ragging grannies.jpg

Calgary Raging Grannies


The Calgary Raging Grannies said it best with their mission: we are committed to promoting global peace, justice, environmental protection and social and economic equality by raising public awareness through satirical songs. The first group of Grannies banded together in 1986 in Victoria with concerns about nuclear arms coming into Canada. To combat this concern, they peacefully protested by singing songs and dressing up in unique costumes. Occasionally, they got arrested but they were never taken to court.

Soon after, other Raging Grannies groups sprang up across the country singing about issues relating to their area. The Calgary Raging Grannies formed in 1998 to perform peaceful protests for the many. They are non-partisan, but politically astute. The Grannies accept donations but they also perform for free, when the cause lines up with their beliefs. Make sure to check out their website to learn some of their popular songs, maybe you’ll want to sing along next time you see them on the street.

Runner Up One: Mike Morrison

Runner Up Two: Mark Hopkins