Best Jam/Open Mic Night: Ironwood Stage & Grill

Ironwood Stage & Grill


Part of the Music Mile in Inglewood, there is live music at the Ironwood Stage & Grill in Inglewood every night. The space fits 140+ people and welcomes all ages to come in and enjoy the show (and the food). They have a classic pub menu that includes delicious eats like the Vegetarian Flatbread and Jambalaya – most of their menu items have a gluten-free option if need be. You can walk in to check out who’s playing, but for the more popular nights, booking a reservation in advance is recommended. Ironwood is the best place if you’re looking to support local and upcoming musicians at its open jam night, plus who doesn’t like live music?

Location: 1229-9th Ave SE Calgary, AB

Tel: (403) 269-5581


Winning Categories:

2017, best jam/open mic, winner.

2017, best concert venue under 500 people, winner.

2016, best jam/open mic, runner up one.

2016, best concert venue under 500 people, runner up one.