Best New Trend: Craft Breweries

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Craft Breweries


We can’t argue with this trend, who doesn’t want more local beer options? Alberta’s craft breweries have tripled within the last three years and it doesn’t look like it’s slowing down. The Alberta beer boom is expected to escalate as we continue into the summer of 2017. Even though local breweries are competing with the big guns like Molson and Labatt, this city’s love and devotion to local brands has pushed the beer evolution forward and has allowed more beer lovers to test their skills in the brewing market.

In Calgary, there are plenty of breweries you need to check out! Banded Peak Brewing Co., Boiling Oar Brewing Co., Cold Garden Beverage Company, Goat Locker Brewing Co. and Trolley Five Brew Pub all opened in 2016 giving you a solid list of options next time you’re heading out for a cold one.


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