Best Neighbourhood: Bridgeland



Nestled in Calgary’s Northeast quadrant, Bridgeland (formerly known as Germantown) takes this year’s number one spot, and deservingly so. This community has seen lots of growth in recent years and has become a popular spot for those looking for a trendy, inner-city neighbourhood to call home. Bridgeland is bustling with fantastic places to eat: ramen with handmade noodles, awesome brunch spots, and Bridgeland Market that houses everything that is delicious, fresh and beautiful. This community is close to everywhere we want to be: Downtown, the Zoo, parks, the river, and Telus Spark. This isn’t just a neighbourhood you want to hang out in – it’s a community you want to be a part of.


Location: 917 Centre Avenue N.E. (BRZ) Calgary, AB



Winning Categories:

2017, best neighbourhood, winner.

2016, best place to walk your dog, runner up two.