Best Middle Eastern: Aida's Bistro


The family-run Lebanese restaurant opened its doors in 2000, and has been serving Calgary authentic, mouth-watering Lebanese cuisine for the last seventeen years. Aida came from Lebanon in 1974 and has perfected the recipes she grew up with, serving them as her mother would to Calgarians. You can taste the care and hard work that goes into each dish the Aida and her staff make.
Located on 4th Street, it can be hard to secure a table in this cozy, Mediterranean restaurant. You will feel like you are in your Mother’s kitchen with dishes like the hand-rolled beef-and-cracked-wheat kibbe or the house made hummus. They are closed on Sundays but for the other six days, Aida is in the kitchen full force, cooking up her favourite, traditional dishes.

Location: 2208 4th Street SW. Calgary, AB.

Tel: (403) 541-1189


Winning Categories:

2017, Best Middle Eastern, winner.

2016, Best Middle Eastern, runner up one.